What's Bookwise?

BookWise is the self development book club hub! We love personal and professional growth books. Yet, books are just the starting point for inspiration and connection. In a Wise Book Club, you’ll talk about the books you love with awesome people. We also train people to facilitate their own Wise Book Clubs.  All in all, we inspire people to step into their amazingness and build real connections.

What's a wise Book Club?

A Wise Book Club meets regularly over the course of several weeks. Led by a Bookwise Facilitator, these groups are limited to 8 people (men, women or both!), focusing on a specific personal or professional development book. You’ll read a section of the book each week.

Facilitators pick the time and the place of each book club, using the BookWise Model to guide each book club. The BookWise Model includes a code of conduct, facilitation techniques and discussions and activities based on the book. You’ll walk away with insights, inspired action and gentle accountability to move forward.

In-Person Book Clubs. You’ll meet several times on specific dates and times. You’ll connect with people in your area, with friendships often continuing long after the book clubs ends.

Virtual Book Clubs. Just grab your favorite beverage, find a quiet spot and get cozy. You can even wear your pajamas. You’ll use your computer or your phone to connect with your group.

Is this just for gals? Or can guys do this too?
Our book clubs were originally designed for women. Now, we offer book clubs for women and book clubs for men. We want to be inclusive, yet we also want to recognize the unique needs of each group. We plan to offer co-ed book clubs in the future. Stay tuned…
What is facilitation?
Facilitation is a skill designed to build effective communication and positive group dynamics. Facilitators bring depth, clarity and connection to group conversations. Essentially, facilitators are process experts.

Facilitators do not give advice, instead encouraging group members to tap into their own wisdom. To establish positive group norms, facilitators ask group members to follow “code of conduct,” also referred to as ground rules. When working with a facilitator, people are empowered to think for themselves and achieve their own goals.

Without facilitation, group discussions can be meandering and ineffective. With facilitation, group discussions can be meaningful and effective. Can you tell how much we love facilitation?

What's the Bookwise model?

The BookWise Model is a carefully cultivated process to lead powerful group conversations based about personal and professional development books. The BookWise Model is based on the WISE Values and includes the following components:

BookWise Code of Conduct: Participants in each book club are asked to follow the BookWise Code of Conduct results in a safe and supportive group environment.

BookWise Process: Each Wise Book Club follows the same process, including an opening, masterminding and a closing. With this process, BookWise Facilitators can incorporate their own unique strengths and creativity.

BookWise Connectors: The process includes a variety of connectors – or discussion strategies – to build clarity and collaboration during the masterminding process. These connectors help people to connect with the book, themselves and one another.

BookWise Inspiraction: The facilitator helps the participants use a structured accountability process to identify and take inspired action (i.e. inspiraction!) in their real lives.

What does the training include?
We’ll give you the tools and strategies to successfully (and independently!) lead your own personal growth book clubs. The training includes 6 coaching calls and access to our online learning platform, which includes a videos, exercises and conversations. You’ll also receive the Bookwise Facilitator Training Manual, which includes 30 pages of templates and step-by-step information on using the BookWise model.
When are you coming to my area?

As soon as possible! And with our virtual book clubs, you can participate from any location. If you’d like to bring BookWise to your area, please sign up to be a facilitator. We’d love for you to be a part of our community.

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