This is so much more than a book club. This group inspired me to take action and create a life I love. The group facilitation keeps me accountable and inspires me to make my dreams real. The facilitators are awesome. And the friends I’ve met are friends for life.

- Rachel L.

The women in the group are absolutely INCREDIBLE. They support, inspire, question, and push in ways that are difficult to do when reading a book on your own. - Tina B.

This book club is amazing! I can talk about the books I love with awesome people. And better yet, I actually “do” the books and make them real in my life. - Rebecca G.

When I’m attending sessions, I am happier and feel more whole.  When I’ve missed sessions, I feel something missing and am more scattered.  There tends to be no inner work going on. I feel very disconnected and without sisterhood tribe. - Paulette C.

After the meetings, I’m happier. I thought I was pretty happy anyways – but this gave me permission to just show up and choose to be happy. And that spills over into everything. I would recommend the group because of the bonds that have been created and being able to talk about how I feel in an nonjudgmental setting. Absolutely recommend! - Jacalyn G.

This has given me the tools to live life more fully and to share my journey with an amazing tribe of women who love and encourage me, just as I am. - Sarah C.

I love the magic and connection I feel with other women in the group, and the ability to get deep in real in a safe and powerful setting. - Jenny W.

This has opened and connected a piece of my heart that I’m not sure that I know I had. I had maybe hoped and dreamed it was there, but not until this experience has that part of me become real. - Shaelyn C.

It was a powerful experience; I loved the group of extraordinary women, the connection, the personal growth, and most importantly the time to nurture myself. I feel the experience rekindled my spark and came along at just the right time. - Amanda B.

This has given me a safe place to open up to and practice greater vulnerability and authenticity in my life. The women have been amazing teachers, confidants, cheerleaders and accountability partners. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this amazing tribe? - Alessandra M.

This has changed my life in so many ways. It has had me look more inward and make the right steps to flourish those changes and connect me with people. People I will have in my life forever, and people who will help me when I launch my business in a couple years. - Desi

You show up. That’s it. For 1.5 hours, we talk, we meet each other where we’re at. I am curious, I ask questions and listen and hold space. You are heard and acknowledged and loved by your peers. It’s authentic, judgement free and expansive. We read a book, we take what speaks to us and let the rest go. We might even make a blanket fort. Some nights, we will drink wine. All nights, we will be loved.

- Andrea P.

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