Join a wise book club

Do you love self development books? Want to talk about these books with amazing people - without judgement or drama? Want to actually "do" these books (and make sure they don't just sit on your shelf)? 

You like the idea of a life coach. You also like the idea of a book club. And something in between would be even better. Something with connection and community. Something with inspiration and acccountability. 

What if there was a book club where you could open up and get real? What if this group was a judgement free zone - with structure provided by an awesome facilitator?

“We don’t have to do it all alone. We were never meant to.”

Join an in-person book club and connect with people in your area.

Join a virtual book club and connect live via video from your house.

Or tell us what you want! Got a book? A group of people? >> Let us know… 

Wise book clubs


Johanna's Book Clubs

KAties's Book Clubs

This has given me the tools to live life more fully and to share my journey with an amazing tribe of women who love and encourage me, just as I am. – Sarah C.
When I’m attending sessions, I am happier and feel more whole.  When I’ve missed sessions, I feel something missing and am more scattered.  There tends to be no inner work going on. I feel very disconnected and without sisterhood tribe. – Paulette C.
The women in the group are absolutely INCREDIBLE. They support, inspire, question, and push in ways that are difficult to do when reading a book on your own. – Tina B.
Oh my gosh! We state our “inspiraction” every week and then I go do it (most the time). I walk out every time ready to roar! – Sonja W.

What do you want?

A certain book? A book club at a certain time or place? A book club for you and your friends? Let us know below . . .



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